Fan Gallery


Sometimes you just got to to let them out to dance...Welcome to the Skeleton Crew Fan Gallery!

Ah, good taste and fine dark fashion sense is spreading...Go Skeleton Crew! Want to be almost semi famous? All these fine Skel Crew fans have submitted pics of their dark humor in action from all around the world!  Showing their spirit in a wide variety of locals and backdrops. Some brush with fame, some are action shots, some are chill, some choose to make custom modified shirts, while others stay with the charm that comes straight out of the Skeleton Garage! Interested in joining the Skel Crew? Just send us a pic of you, friends, and or family wearing their special Skeleton Garage selections. We can post to both the website and the Face Book fan page as well! Maybe you have a unique idea or local not yet included on this page? We welcome creativity and spirit! Be sure to let us know which city or place your pic was shot in so we can give each local a shout out.